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National 5 Applications of Mathematics

Michael Mackison
ISBN/Cat.No: 9781915309044 ISBN-10: 1915309042 Title: National 5 Applications of Mathematics Publisher: Zeta Maths Format: Paperback Publication Status: Available Publication Date: 2nd May 2023
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This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers and learners of National 5 Applications of Mathematics. It has been designed to follow the SQA course specification and covers every aspect of the National 5 course. Like our other textbooks, the book gives minimal space to short, concise explanations, with worked examples, to allow most of the content to be given over to practice questions. The book is packed with practice questions for every individual skill. Many of the prerequisite National 4 skills are included and clearly labelled to provide sufficient overlap for all learners. Within the National 5 content, some of the exercises are marked by difficulty level, to build confidence in basic skills as well as to offer challenge and depth. The book is colour coded according to the units: numeracy, managing finance & statistics and geometry & measure. Each skill is developed individually, allowing learners to work through the book i